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economic benefits

Economic Benefits to Arkansas

The economic benefit to Arkansas looks to be substantial. In addition to the tax revenue generated, the huge variety and number jobs that will be created directly and indirectly by the medical cannabis industry will have a positive economic impact to the individual employees, the cities where they live and to the state as a whole.


Natural State Agronomics estimates that they could employ 300-400 local Arkansans once their cultivation and processing facilities become fully operational. While their proposed operation is substantially larger than ordinary cultivation facilities, with a statewide total of eight cultivation sites and 23 dispensaries, plus all the ancillary jobs that could be created, the medical cannabis industry will provide a significant boom in local jobs.

Tax Revenue

Natural State Agronomics estimates that tax revenues could exceed $120 million dollars per month statewide. These are tax dollars that could help fund healthcare, education and transportation projects throughout the state.

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