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Natural State Agronomics’ Facility

Are you looking for a place to grow and study medical cannabis? Natural State Agronomics has the perfect place for you in their 88,000 square foot state of the art facility located in Redfield, Arkansas. With temperature controlled zone units and access to your own grow space and lab area, Natural State has the premier cannabis facility not only in Arkansas, but in the entire South.

The Natural State facility has all the infrastructure in place to support innovations in technology and research processes. All utilities running to the building can be subdivided to individual units. The property also is capable of supporting three phase power. Natural State Agronomics’ facility also has all the latest security on grounds and in and around the facility. With the whole complex being surrounded by highly secure fencing to the premier human recognition software and infrastructure, the security at Natural State sets the standard for the industry.

The facility is located in Redfield, Arkansas which has the support of the town’s people, police chief, and mayor. The town of Redfield is eager to help and support business that locate there. The facility is conveniently located off of Interstate 540 and is located in a HUB Zone. The advantages of the facility being in a hub zone is looked upon positively when applying for government grants.

For the latest in innovation and the best environment for the seed to plant process, Natural State Agronomics’ facility is the best.

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